Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cuyahoga County Economic News: A Medina Valpak Entrepreneur

Back when I was living in Maryland and working three different part time jobs at a time, one was for a coupon book similar to Val Pak. I enjoyed it because I was able to focus on local businesses and meet some darn good entrepreneurs. We had stiff competition from Val Pak.

I saw this article on about ValPak and thought about why a local Medina gentleman has decided to buy a Val Pak franchise. He said his prior company had good client response from ValPak and they were a long standing company - two reasons why he 'bought in.' Reminds me of the Norelco commercials (I think it was Norelco!) where the guy would say I liked the product so much I bought the company. I'm wondering what our Franchise King Joel would say about this? I have to admit it's been almost two decades since I was in the coupon business -it was interesting to get an update on how it's working. According to the Crains article written by Marilyn Miller, Valpak is the sixth largest media company in the U.S. Well what she really says is they call themselves the sixth largest lol. If you are looking for a job, maybe the new Medina franchisor is looking for sales reps?

Peace Out - 3C