Monday, September 3, 2007

The Avenue District: Progress!

Check out the Avenue District Blog - they have photos of the construction site, via a webcam they installed. I wish all the projects had webcams! You can subscribe to their newsletter as well, by going to their website. Peace Out - 3C

Does the United States Make More Manufactured Goods Than Ever Before?

Peter Goodman writes in the Washington Post that in fact, The United States "....makes more manufactured goods today than at any time in history, as measured by the dollar value of production adjusted for inflation -- three times as much as in the mid-1950s, the supposed heyday of American industry. Between 1977 and 2005, the value of American manufacturing swelled from $1.3 trillion to an all-time record $4.5 trillion, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis...."

He highlights a former mill in South Carolina that is now a new home to an entrepreneurial high tech company.

As we all observe the increase in high technology companies here, like the ones moving in Downtown, we have to realize we are part of that manufacturing base. It's changing but it still exists. Good stuff. Read Peter's article here.

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Peace Out - 3C