Monday, July 9, 2007

Renewable Energy & Sustainability:Ohio Lawmakers Will Be Asked to Think Outside the Box

There was a comment in today's PD article on Ohio's plan to restructure energy costs as well as trying to prevent spikes in charges and provide incentives for renewable energy sources. The comment was made by State Rep. Jim McGregor: "...our only choices in Ohio are to lead in energy or experience a second rust belt period where we become an economic backwater because we missed the opportunity."

The 'missed opportunities' seem to take two roads. One, missing out on a chance to be the state that brings in renewable energy companies. Secondly, missing the chance to require our existing utilities to provide a certain percentage of their energy in renewable form. Of course I like the idea but I need to ferret out people with experience to tell me what is possible here in Ohio. The article quotes people who say Ohio is not the Rocky Mountains so wind energy is not super feasible and Ohio is not.....well you can fill in the blanks and let's just say some people do not agree. I don't know whether they are seems to me we do have wind in Ohio but that is just me. And we already have a Cleveland Department of Sustainability. So I'm going to call them today. Should be interesting no? Peace Out - 3C