Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sales Tax Monies....Better Use?

Hmmm, thinking that our infrastructure might be better served by that increase in sales tax monies. A day like today that saw most of NE Ohio flooded due to sewers that are tied into each other in ways that encourage flooding.....couldn't they use that money to take care of this issue instead? I'd love to know if this is realistic. Peace Out-3C

I did not have three minutes to myself today so no calls to the sewer peeps etc. But, turns out today's newsnet5 website has an article. It's slightly tabloid in nature (quel surpris) but I will let you read and decide for yourself. Now, this really IS my next week's cause. 8/9/07

Cleveland Housing News: Ohio's Homestead Exemption Tax Has Expanded

Governor Strickland and The Ohio General Assembly have expanded the Homestead Exemption Tax. You may not have been eligible before but may now meet the requirements.

Are you 65 ?

Are you disabled?

If you answer yes to either question, you may now qualify. Because the income limits have been eliminated.

It could reduce your property taxes up to $400 a year.

I mention this now because the deadline for applying for a Homestead Tax Exemption is October 1, 2007. Believe it or not, October is not that far away. You will ultimately be applying through your local county auditor. There is a directory of all county auditors and forms you can download at the Ohio Department of Taxation website.

If you already qualify, no worries, the new rules will automatically keep you in the program.

You can find out more information two ways -

On line at Ohio Department of Taxation or by calling them at 800-282-1780.

In Cuyahoga County, you can contact the Auditor's Office on line or by calling 216-443-7010

Peace Out - 3C