Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maryland's Ambitious Plan to Improve Their Railways Should Inspire Us

Yes, Maryland starts from a position of a solid and always improving job base, but the plan outlined by Maryland's Governor should inspire us to be vigilant (imho) about our own 3C Corridor Plan. The Washington Post article about it is here. They are running a bit on faith:

"....This is a very ambitious concept, and we don't have money in the bank to pay for it. But we have a reasonable expectation that these are cost-effective ideas that would bring a lot of transportation benefit, and we'll find the money as the years go by,..." but it's a thirty year plan to better connect Baltimore and Washington and turn the Rail System into a full fledged service, not one that enhances the rush hour commute (although there are only a few hours when it's not rush hour there, but I digress).

Henry Kay is an administrator with the MD Transit Authority and this quote interested me too:

"....Kay said the state is considering private development of stations and parking lots to generate revenue for the expansion...." - Something that could definitely help us with the 3C Corridor Plan, privatizing the Stations. Please contact your Senators, we need support for SB294 to keep our own economic future moving ahead. I am not always on my soapbox but this issue seems so important to our economy. And this article on Maryland's plan is a good read. Peace Out - 3C