Monday, September 10, 2007

The Bratenahl Housing Market in 2007

Yes, this is a serene way to wait for a bus; the gorgeous tiling and textured surfaces are part of a gate surrounding one of the many gated homes in Bratenahl. I showed a few condominiums in Bratenahl Place yesterday and was impressed. First, it's not easy to purchase a home for under $150k in Bratenahl, yet these condos are just short of 1600 square feet of living space and are priced well under $150,000. The maintenance fees might give us all pause.......the three I showed were approximately $950/month. That does cover all your utilities. To find out what else is covered, you can check the Bratenahl Place website here. One cool feature at this complex is a 17 acre hiking trail. Not to mention the view of Lake Erie.

So how have homes been selling in Bratenahl? Here are stats from January 2007 until today. Once again, these stats relate to homes listed with area brokers on the Multiple Listing (computer) Service:

Five single family homes have sold between the prices of $157,500 and 1.5 million dollars. The two homes sold for less than $160k were on the market for less than a month; not surprising! The average amenities were: 3,612 square feet of living space, and $139/sq foot to purchase. They also averaged four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The condos? Eight sold since January between $120k (one condo) and $500k. This time, the home that sold for $500,000 was on market only five days.

You can read about the Village of Bratenahl here. The Village's recreation center offers things like kick boxing and Pilates; and they apparently opened up an outdoor coffee shop on the premises. Very cool. If you have never driven through Bratenahl, take a gander. It's lush and green (at least until Winter!) and the architecture on the homes may just blow you away. Peace Out - 3C