Thursday, May 17, 2007

Press Conference to Announce Ways to Help Revitalize Neighborhoods

Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH) is announcing a press conference for May 24th - they are a non-profit, with support from development corporations like Brooklyn Brighton and Clark Metro, The City of Cleveland, The Cleveland Housing Network and a slew of area banks.

We know that the vacant housing issue in Cleveland is a big deal, with the City trying to change the process of prior owner notification so that vacant homes can be sold/improved. So many of us are sad that so many boarded up homes needing some TLC are scattered throughout our neighborhoods.

The CASH press conference on May 24th is focusing on the vacant house/rehabilitation issues.

Here is a pdf link to read. Let's go to the press conference and find out for ourselves. Peace Out - 3C

New Ohio City Eatery, 'Light Bistro' Opens

A very interesting menu, at this new eatery. What caught my eye immediately was the eggplant flan. That is enough to make me want to skip my Thursday evening appointment and go try it! (I will be good and not do that however lol). The chef worked in Aurora as Exec. Chef of The Leopard. You can check out a Crain's Cleveland review here and you can also check out their website:

On the website Chef Matt talks about featuring food prepared from scratch (who doesn't love that!) and a diverse menu, everything from Louisiana fare to as he says 'decidedly Midwest' meals. Yum! I'm ready, are you? In my next life I am going to be a restaurant critic so I can eat my way through Cleveland :-) They have regular or 'large' meals as well as tasting plate sized meals, which would be a great way to sample the menu. Check it out, and welcome to Ohio City Light Bistro.