Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday Concert Musings: Bob Dylan and Jimmy Vaughn at PD Pavillion

Last night was another one of those perfect evenings; there could not be a better place for a concert (outdoors anyway) than the PD Pavilion. The River's water was glassy, the sky deep blue, the air crystal clear. The passing of an ore boat while Jimmy Vaughn opened the evening was surreal and astoundingly beautiful.

Those of you who are/were avid Stevie Ray Vaughn fans know that Jimmy Vaughn is no slouch in the guitar department either. We were treated to a long riff done behind his neck..sounding better than 99 % of all guitarists playing at their belly buttons. It was so much fun watching people dance and groove to the music. I would pay money to see Jimmy Vaughn all by himself.

Oh yes right; it was a Bob Dylan concert. I should start off by saying he is at the top of my musical icon lists, no question. So I feel I can say without rancor that last night we had Mumbling Bob. To paraphrase Ringo from a past Rolling Stone article: sometimes you get the Bob we all know and love, and sometimes you get Mumbling Bob. lol. No question not everyone agreed with me because there were many standing ovations and could you blame them, he is The Man, mumbling or not. If you go to Dylan concerts more than once you know to be prepared for 'I Was So Much Older Then, I'm Younger Than That Now' to sound more like ummmm, any other song lol.

Can't say enough about the Pavilion. It seats over 4000 people and the concert was sold out.

George at Brewed Fresh Daily pointed out a good review in Skorasauras' Blog about the Kenny Chesney concert's lack of toilet facilities at Brown's Stadium. Hmmm, not good and isn't football season starting soon? Peace out-3C