Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't Throw It Away, Freecycle

A big shout out today to a blogging buddy of mine from Connecticut, Linda Davis. She posted on her Ledyard Connecticut blog about Freecycle. It was a new concept to me, I'm sure some of you already know about it. Freecycling means you don't throw it away, you give it away. There is a Freecycle Cleveland group on line. I love Plugged In Cleveland and advertise my listings there. They also have a Freecycle section. Learn all about Freecycle on their official website. When I go to their finder page I find groups in places all over Ohio, the closest ones being in Ashtabula, Akron, Brunswick and Independence.

There are many Yahoo! Groups for Freecycling. Here's one from Lakewood. Seems worth checking out. This is so good it almost makes me want to start de-cluttering! Peace Out-3C

Steelyard Commons Walmart to Participate In Job Opportunity Zone

The latest word is that the Steelyard Commons Walmart decided they want to play nice (actually very nice) and not take their allowable tax abatements for the new Steelyard Commons store. Instead, they are looking to set up a Job and Opportunities Zone in Tremont, setting aside grant money and advertising money to help local businesses in Tremont thrive, grow or start up. For more information, see my Active Rain post here.

Update: here is an audio podcast of Mayor Frank Jackson explaining the significance of Walmart opting out of the tax abatement (ten year) available to them. The podcast is courtesy of Cleveland.com.
Peace Out - 3C