Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cuyahoga County Home Sales: Richmond Heights

Richmond Heights is 90 years old this year (it was Incorporated in 1917) . Just over 10,000 people live there, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. Current stats show the High School has a 95% graduation rate and one of the major industries in town is the General Electric Lamp Glass Company. According to the latest edition of the City newsletter, Miss Ohio 2007 is a Richmond Heights gal (Anna Melomud). The newsletter also mentions some recommended home safety maintenance tips you might want to check out on page six.

Most homes in this community are 30 years old or younger; 30 years ago is when most of the City's development began to occur.

So what's happened in the housing market here since January 2007? Let's take a look:

34 Homes have sold since the beginning of the year. Here are the averages on these homes:

1,880 square feet of living space; 3 BRs, 2 BA, and a two car garage. The average Ask Price was $181,602. The average Sale Price was $173, 429. That came out to an average of $87 a square foot in these purchases. And the homes averaged just over three months, or 114 Days on the Market before selling.

There are 142 homes on the market right now in Richmond Heights. The photo above shows the living room in one I have listed on Lindsey Lane. Peace Out - 3C