Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Steelyard Commons Opens and it's More Than WalMart

Ok, so I'm one of those people who could care less if a new Wal Mart is opening but Steelyard Commons has elements to it that appeal to the geek in me. Did you know that there is a playground that recreates an old blast furnace? Or that there is a Steel Museum on the property too? How cool is that! It's called the Steel Heritage Exhibit and Children's Steel Mills Playground. Now that is a good idea!

Steelyard Drive is opening this Friday.....it is bordered by Quigley Road and Jennings Road. I know there is an exit from Route 176 (The Jennings Freeway) as well. Yes it's cold out but I plan on checking it out. Home Depot is scheduled to open on February 1st. Steelyard Commons was developed by First Interstate Properties Ltd., also responsible for Legacy Village in Lyndhurst. First Interstate is a home grown Lyndhurst based company.

I'm a firm believer that cities need to embrace themselves and their image. We are the Industrial City as far as I'm concerned, and embracing our heritage and incorporating it into our new, modern lifestyles is what it's all about. Bessemer Steel first opened it's doors, or blew it's first blast of steam I should say, in 1868. Just think of all the families who made money by working in those mills, how many other States families were served with the products of those mills. I think in spite of the big box stores, this is a win-win situation. Well and okay, Target and Wal Mart and Famous Footwear give us places to shop as well. In addition, Steelyard Commons is adjacent to the Scenic National Railroad and the TowPath project. Check it out! (photo courtesy of the cuyahoga valley website)

Update on Five Year Plan

Apparently, the Business Community is responding to Mayor Jacksons/City of Cleveland's Plan announced yesterday. The Greater Cleveland Marketing Alliance is working on commericals to air Nationally - a volunteer plan at no cost to the City (meaning us). They have already raised 2 million dollars from private individuals or companies for this promotion.

On another less positive note, apparently our local ABC news channel (Newsnet5) did a poll (they of course neglected to say how many respondents there were) and asked this question: Do you think the new Five Year Plan will be a success? 65 percent said no. 35 percent said yes. I guess on the plus side, there were no undecideds? lol. I can certainly understand the skepticism, we've been there before. I'm hoping it will be different this time.