Sunday, July 1, 2007

NE Ohio Home Sales 2000-2007 For May

If you bought a home in 2000 and sold it this year would you make money? Of course there is no easy answer to that question, but it got me thinking. May is usually considered one of the best months in real estate so it seemed fitting to do a post about home sales for each May from 2000-2007.

These stats, as always, cover homes sold and listed on the computerized multiple listing service I have access to as a Realtor®. These are total sales, covering single family homes, condos, everything. DOM = Average number of days on the market for all of these homes that sold. OK let's get to it:

New Listings: 8,765
Sold: 2,578
Av Sale Price: $162,072
DOM: 92

New Listings: 7,987
Sold: 2,819
Av Sale Price: $166,676
DOM: 84

New Listings: 7,156
Sold: 2,896
Av Sale Price: $171,081
DOM: 75

New Listings: 5,760
Sold: 2,662
Av Sale Price: $161,025
DOM: 78

New Listings: 5,470
Sold: 2,582
Av Sale Price: $154,251
DOM: 81

New Listings: 4,811
Sold: 2,526
Av Sale Price $148,734
DOM: 87

New Listings: 5,066
Sold: 2,447
Av Sale Price: $150,488
DOM: 72

New Listings: 4,757
Sold: 2,553
Av Sale Price: $143,166
DOM: 79

The difference between the 2000 and 2007 average sale prices is $18,906. The highest average sale price year occurred in 2005. NE Ohio, though not as volatile as some of the other housing markets, followed the same patterns as they did on a smaller scale. Peace Out - 3C