Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cleveland Neighborhood News:Food Finds! New York Style Pizza May Be Best Pizza on Cleveland's West Side

New York Style Pizza is my favorite West Side pizzeria. (I included the link even though their website is still under construction in the hopes it is up and running soon.) They used to be located at Lorain and W. 150th and it was a treat to indulge in their white pizza with eggplant topping. Now they are on Triskett at W. 150th -- how lucky am I to be on their delivery path now!

They offer a nice selection of toppings, they even advertise The Largest Pizza in Ohio (36" hand tossed). All their pizzas are baked in a stone oven. They make their own yummy dough and sauces. A few weeks ago, I ordered a Hawaiian pizza without ham. You could be saying to yourself, self, she is odd...or, you could try it, and have a wonderful juxtaposition of flavors on a meatless pizza: the sweetness of the cooked pineapple on a killer pizza with a to die for sauce. Yum!

Their menu is actually broader than pizza: killer chicken wings....salads, burgers, ribs, etc. The place is always spiffy clean; there are a few tables to dine-in if you choose. Or, just walk in and order and then sit and chat with the friendly staff or others waiting for their pizza.

I sat with rapt attention a few days ago as I listened to Peter explain to a newer employee what went into the making of a calzone; as he detailed the process I was hungrier than ever. Peter is of course one of the local heroes to me since he is the pizza maker! The crust and sauces are (as they say on the BBC), absolutely fabulous. Check them out! (In case you are wondering, Geraci's pizza is my favorite East Side pizza... you were wondering weren't you? lol) Peace Out - 3C

New York Style Pizza, 15233 Triskett Road, near the corner of Triskett and W. 150th. 216-941-2500