Sunday, July 8, 2007

The First Monthly Technology Free Day is August 4th Are You Game?

Blogger Dima has an intriguing idea; have a technology free day once a month. His post here talks about using one day a month to be reflective on our lives and do things that are 'outside the box' of the activities we all do daily on those other days.

I like this idea, relating it to being well rounded and having time to be reflective; and in my case, if I don't take time off from doing all the things I normally do, it's hard for me to keep fresh ideas coming creatively for my life and for my work.

I'm pretty sure I could not permanently eliminate one Saturday a month from technology since those are usually really busy work days for Realtors® like myself. But I like the idea and I'm game, I' m in for the Fourth of August kick off. Wonder if this idea includes TV and radio? I'll have to ask. Or, you can go in and comment and find out for yourself. What say you about this idea?

Peace Out - 3C

Cleveland Housing News: The Statler Arms: An Elegant Apartment Building With a Rich History

I have a terrific client -the one I mentioned here, we met in person yesterday instead of just being email pen pals and began our search for his apartment. This led to an interesting hour at the Statler Arms Apartments. I got there early and proceeded to walk the building. It was converted from an office building to apartments and in 2002 the first residents moved in. Because it used to be a hotel (more on that later in this post), this residence has unique features. The first floor/lobby still looks and functions in a way a hotel might operate: a concierge desk at the door is now the 24 hour front desk. There is a newsstand, a Spa, a clothing boutique and a restaurant all on the first floor.

I started out with a decent double shot expresso from Juji's at the Statler, with open air style seating that has the perk of not being affected when it rains! Their menu includes everything from comfort food (fish and chips) to the Middle Eastern fare I love like kabobs and shawarma. It is also open for breakfast, which must be a definite perk for folks living there. The link above is from a Plugged In Cleveland review.

Dave the proprietor of the newsstand was very interesting and friendly. I told him I had a client looking for a place to live so he could walk to work. It turns out Dave's commute is about one minute...he lives in the Statler as well!

There is a fitness center on the premises, you have in suite washer dryer hook ups for your convenience and really interesting city of the units we looked at had views into the bowl that is Jacobs Field. I imagine with binoculars you could watch the progress of the game, and certainly enjoy the fireworks. The Selah Salon and Spa looks very luxurious, offering what you would imagine a spa to offer, everything from massages to waxing to nails and hair. And the prices are amazing. You can get a two bedroom apartment with lots of storage, views, light-filled rooms and everything I mentioned above for $1,000. One bedrooms are less money per month and are equally spacious. I talked to one of the residents, he has lived there for 3 years and says he loves it, walks to work and considers the place comfortable and 'practical.'

The Statler started out of course, as a hotel. The first Statler was built in Buffalo; our Cleveland hotel opened in 1912. There is a terrific web site created by one of Ellsworth Statler's descendants; I recommend it for anyone interested in Cleveland and/or business history. He mentions for example, Statler's original advertising motto: "...A room and a bath for a dollar and a half..."

The hotel eventually became an office building. WMMS operated out of there in the 70s. My friend Connie tells me her Communicator's Club meetings used to be held there. And our famous native Clevelander Joel Grey once conducted an orchestra at the Statler.

I love my job, it's fascinating to keep learning about the rich history of Cleveland. Peace Out - 3C