Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today Is Cal Ripken Jr. Day at Cooperstown

I try not to have heroes; it's counter productive. But baseball is part of my soul and Cal Ripken is at the top of my roster of favorite players...and human beings I don't know but admire. Today he will be at Cooperstown getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, and here is a Washington Post article to start your day with a smile....who doesn't like Cal? Not many people.

I lived in Maryland for 19 years and treasure my VHS copy of the final game in his Streak....complete with the lap and the applause. It's not so much about the final day, the final game, the Iron Man title; it's about the seemingly great work ethic and consistency. That's what 'almost heroes' are for in my life, for inspiration to keep doing the best I can, keep learning, keep trying to be a better human being.

So today is Cal Ripken Jr. day in my heart and that makes me smile. Peace Out - 3C

Downtown Cleveland Housing: Euclid Avenue Corridor Update

First let me say how happy I am to utilize a PR newswire report since they moved so many of their workers to Cleveland a few months back! Now the news:

1. Paul Volpe and City Architecture have been given the bid for the Streetscaping for the Euclid Avenue Corridor project. The first leg of this project will start in September of this year. It is, according to plans, to be a walkable neighborhood and will tie in to and be in partnership with the Zaremba Development of the Avenue District.

2. The Avenue District construction is already underway - 78 units at are you ready? Good price points! For 1200 square feet the price is expected to be around $235,000. For the usual $300k and up, you will actually get good square footage for your buck: how does a $370k 2100 sq foot town home sound? The prices can go even higher of course but it sounds like good variety in the floor plans and styles.

One of the descriptions of the Streetscaping Plan intrigued me a lot; they called for 'outdoor living rooms' called 'area rugs' by using different colors and textures.....and there will be benches and public art and more. Btw, the Streetscaping project costs some bucks...approximately $7 mil.

Have to admit it sounds like it could really provide a sense of place for Euclid Avenue.

(above is a photo I took on E. 9th Street-multiply that 100 times and there is a 'wow' factor in my head about the EA Streetscaping) Peace Out - 3C