Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Las Vegas Mortgage Lender Calls Other Lenders To Action: Help With Note Modification

Aaron Gordon is a mortgage lender in Las Vegas. I don't know him, but I just read one of his posts and it inspired me to link to it. He is asking all mortgage lenders to do some pro bono work and help people who might be upside down in their mortgages by calling their lenders for them and asking for a note modification. Aaron's post is here. I found out about it through a post I wrote asking if the recent efforts by Save The American Dream could actually help (they are calling for a 2 year ARM moratorium).

Lou Tisler of NHSGC pointed out that people are reluctant to do it on their own. Aaron points out that instead of calling their original lenders, they are calling him and others like him to refinance. So he helps them. For free.

Read Aaron's post! I plan on calling all the lenders I know personally tomorrow and asking them if they are doing this. Peace Out - 3C


teresa boardman said...

carole - I have been thinking of moving to cleveland becasue of your blog. Will you be my realtor?

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

blogger unblocked my comments? wow lol. Teresa somehow I can see you in a Kirkham Place Town home with a view of the water and close to all the action so you can get in the thick of it when you want. I know you are a real club person! lol

Jarrod said...

Carole, I like your blog. You should of been the agent who talked the girls in hot in Cleveland to stay in Cleveland.

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

TY Jarrod, and that show is fun, isn't it! I appreciate the compliment, and if you are interested in more recent posts, check out my current blog