Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cleveland Neighborhood News: Does Anyone Care What Residents Think?

Are you surprised that the new Giant Eagle proposed for W. 117th near Target is moving forward? I'm not. Because of course it still makes no sense to have a store where there are no residents when five or six groceries already exist IN neighborhoods. Anyway, you can read about it here. Grrrrr. Peace Out - 3C

Can We Keep City Buddha In Ohio City?

I was almost bereft walking to work yesterday. As I passed City Buddha, there was a 'store closing clearance' sale banner out front. I immediately went in to see what was going on....they are not closing the Cleveland Heights location -but I am hoping they don't have to leave Ohio City either!

Obviously I'm not privy to the financials.....maybe they need a new location that does not cost as much to rent per square foot of any event, Ohio City needs City Buddha! I have friends who don't even live near the place who frequent it on a regular basis...we all do, I'm sure! Are chain stores and restaurants the only ones who will be around in ten years? How do we keep the local, signature stores afloat? By spending money there please! Let's not let this happen at another local establishment, when you have the opportunity, please frequent a local shop.

Can you email Larry the owner ( and ask him to find another Ohio City location please! Peace Out - 3C