Thursday, May 31, 2007

Manufactured Homes Go Green and Upscale? did an interesting piece on pre-fab housing. For those of us who take a snooty approach to pre-fab (and yes, I like the old historic homes better aesthetically), the article points out some reasons why the market for pre-fab is increasing.

1. Fresh designs. To me that means more than just the look of the exterior. Think about how people use extra bedrooms for offices, dens, game rooms. Think about how a Great Room or Family Room off the kitchen has turned into a practical and desirable floor plan for families or those who love to entertain. The small parlour/living room combination has been transplanted with this style. Pre-fab homes are offering ways to meet these new needs and apparently the public is buying it.

2. Designs that appeal to more upscale consumers. The old standard of a manufactured home only being a low to moderate income home design of lower quality does not hold true anymore. As one builder said in this article "....[perceptions] that are rooted in past decades when the industry kept costs low at the expense of good design...." are gone.

3. Environmental and energy concerns. Environmentally friendly construction materials and green housing standards are being met now with many pre-fab builders. As a side note, you can look at homes made of steel instead of wood framing, which is a big plus in areas that experience a lot of nature's wrath. Steel also gives you more square footage to play with inside the home since there are less 'interior room' structural supports needed.

They claim their biggest market is baby boomers, not that this is surprising since there are so many of us lol. Anyway, to read the entire article, go here. Peace Out - 3C


Bonnie Erickson said...

I had a client who lived in a "Sears catalog" house. The materials for the house were sold for a flat price, i.e., $2500, and shipped by rail to the closest train station. The proud homeowner then took his "pre-fab" house to it's location and began construction per the enclosed directions. I complain about putting together kitchen cabinets. Can you imagine putting together a whole house by directions. Just sorting the materials would be interesting!

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

That blows my mind; I think about how it took me all day to put together a grill lol