Monday, March 5, 2007

Free Wireless Internet Connection to Be Provided by City of Cleveland

I think it's great, free wireless. As a matter of fact, a company is doing just that now for the city of San Francisco. All individuals will have to do is supply the router. The story is here.

Makes me think we might actually be on the cutting edge if we are getting it during the same year as a large California city :-) Peace Out - 3C

April 7, 2007 Update:

Read these links to see the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Weblog and the Sun News report by Ken Prendergast that Mayor Jackson's plan to provide the free wireless service City-wide was approved by the Public Utilities Commission and a Council Committee. So far there have not been any 'down sides' noted in putting this plan into action, and the provider who wins the bid to do this is not going to be franchised with the City of Cleveland. Check it out.


John said...

It seems like more and more cities want/need this. Madison, WI is working on it as well. It started with the university campus and is expanding out from there. I guess it can be a real draw for businesses.

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

It's definitely related to attracting business to an area; I can't help but also think it's along the lines of laying the cable systems when that first came into play; although hopefully we don't have to wind up with internet provider monopolies because of it, which is what happened with cable. Thanks for the comment, John.