Monday, March 5, 2007

The John V. Oblak Power Transfer Station is For Sale

I do not plan on putting up my listings here on my blog; but this is such a unique property, I wanted to feature it. In 1924 the trolley cars were running strong in Cleveland, and this building was one of the power transfer stations scattered around the City, helping to keep the trolleys running.

I love the fact that the re use of this building has been for a bronze sculptor and his crew. Ron Dewey is a sought after bronze artist who has life-size and larger than life sized pieces around the country. Here in Cleveland, he is the creator of the bronze ball player at Jacobs Field, and was commissioned to do bronze statues of Ben Sefanski and his wife (on the corporate headquarters property for Third Federal Savings and Loan). It's a bustling workplace, also used as a living space by one of Ron's workers. I guess the time has come for him to consolidate two work studios into one....and this is the smaller of the two. So it's for sale! There is even a 15 ton crane inside the building that adds spectacular architectural detail you don't always find. Anyway, I am enclosing a link here so you can view more information about this brick beauty of a building. Peace Out - 3C
(photo taken by Carole Cohen 2007©)

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