Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Third Annual Ohio Rail/Transit Summit March 7th In Columbus

Sometimes one thought leads to another and that is what happened to get me to this post. First, All Aboard Ohio is having their Third Annual Ohio Rail/Transit Summit in Columbus tomorrow. It's a morning chock full of information, judging from the agenda, and an afternoon of lobbying for The Ohio Hub Plan ! If you can attend, it's still not too late to sign up (you can even do it on the website through paypal). If you have followed the news (or just stopped at a gas station today), you know prices are on their way up again. We need improved public transportation and we need the Ohio Hub Initiative.

While I was on All Aboard Ohio's website, I noticed their link to Better World Club. Thus my 'second thought' for this post. Remember the Un Cola (7Up)? Well, Better World touts itself as the auto club to join, as opposed to that triple A one lol. They donate 1% of their revenue (yearly? monthly?) to support of environmental causes. They provide gas purchase discounts and check this out, discounts on purchases of hybrid cars? Okay, I'm signing up for their regular email newsletter called Kicking Asphalt. I can't resist.

How can you not get excited about transportation issues. Peace Out - 3C - The Transportation Geek


Ed said...

The House has introduced a broad energy bill that includes provisions for expanding transit, commuter rail, intercity rail and freight rail.

The bill is H.R. 1300 is called the Progress Act. The House has finally connected some very important dots between energy independence and transportation. Namely, that energy independence won't be achieved without expanding intercity passenger rail freight rail, and mass transit.

Title V is all the provisions that are related to rail and transit the table of contents with links to the text can be found here:


Ed said...

We've been members of Better World in my house for about 4 years now. Their towing/roadside assistance works just as well as AAA, plus they offer gasoline rebates of $10 per quarter for members.

You can still get maps and trip assistance, they just don't have offices so you just order them online or over the phone.

They offer a lot of travel discounts, eco-travel packages, carbon offsets for airline flights, etc.

They just don't have local stores like AAA.

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

Ed, I went to the link and they moved it (I hate when they do that lol) but I think if you do


you go to HR1300 with good details about that bill - thanks for the positive news, we could use some of that!