Friday, July 13, 2007

CNN, Youtube Are Kicking it Up A Notch: An Interactive Presidential Candidates Debate

The Ethernet has truly arrived. CNN and Youtube are getting together to sponsor live and interactive coverage of the upcoming South Carolina Presidential Debate.

CNN's Political Ticker blog reports that people will be able to submit questions via YouTube video. So it's history in the making. I'm visualizing an overloaded system but that may be wishful thinking since I want everyone to be involved in our political processes.

The Democratic debate will be on July 23rd. The Republican debate held in Florida will be on August 17th. We have the possibility of exciting more interest in participation, especially among young people. What do you think of the Youtube web page announcing this? They are clearly trying to create some excitement. They call it 'broadcasting yourself.' I like that sound byte. Hopefully along with the prerequisite fifteen minutes of fame will be some insightful questions! The guidelines for submission of questions can be found there as well.

The deadline for your video questions for the Democratic Debate is July 22nd.

Youtube also has a site called Citizen Tube. This is where we go to watch the debate live and then lend our comments afterwards. Watch this video, they are sounding really grassroots, asking people to be in 'video camera will travel' mode and go to people who do not have access to the Internet and get their questions recorded; then come back and do the submission for them! This is truly wild.

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