Friday, July 13, 2007

Cleveland Economic News: Automobile Sales Up in 2007

Crains had some positive Cleveland economic news for the auto industry; sales were up 5.5% in our area in 2007. There were 3,269 more cars sold (April,May, June) in 2007 compared to 2006.

Of course I wanted to know more. What kind of car? I went to the Greater Cleveland Automobile Association (GCAA) website to investigate. First, the Toyota Prius sales are up 93.7% this year - more cars sold than in all of 2006. When queried, Prius owners said they wanted to make a statement. This is not new is it? We've always had a need to show our personalities through our cars. The article on the GCAA site said as opposed to a few years ago, Prius owners seem to want to take the lead: I have a hybrid and I'm proud.

But I know how easy that is on the web. What about NE Ohio sales? I found the article referenced in Crains. It lists the top auto companies that posted increases in 2007 but alas, not the individual models. They DID say the gas guzzlers, especially crossover vehicles, are keeping sales of larger models higher. Crossovers look like SUVs but are built on supposedly more economical 'car' chassis.

So let me get this straight. There is a movement in the U.S. to announce to the world that you own a Prius because you want everyone to start supporting hybrids and lower fuel usage. And there is a NE Ohio need to pretend you still have a 'real' SUV but it's a SUV look alike car? Maybe someone can tell me why this is important. I can dream can't I, that someday we'll all be prouder to wear badges that say 'I leave my car at home and take the train.'

Anyway, here are the auto companies that posted NE Ohio gains in April, May and June:

  • Toyota/Scion - 14.1 %
  • Honda - 11.2%
  • Jeep - 6.9%
  • Nissan - 8.1%

Update and a potential new trend in manufacturing of sorts: Just found this article on the WKYC site about Ford utilizing soybeans in their Mustang car cushions....this will be in 2008 Mustangs and is expected to save mucho barrels of oil. Interesting and maybe worth a trip in 2008 to the showroom to feel the seats :-) They say if it works out they might add them to other models.

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