Monday, June 25, 2007

National and Cleveland May Home Sale Statistics + New Tax Abatement in Shaker

May is one of those 'go to' months when predictors well, start predicting based on first quarter results and May is a big real estate sales month. This Market Watch report talks about the high inventory of homes on the market Nationwide, but also talks about May sales being stronger than expected.

Just a Cleveland stat: during the month of May, 157 homes and condos sold in all west side Cleveland areas (these stats reflect sales listed with brokerages). Here is a comparison for sales in May in all of these areas for other years:

May 2006 = 164
May 2005 = 151
May 2004 = 185
May 2003 = 155

Peace Out - 3C

As an aside, the City of Shaker Heights applied with the State of Ohio to offer tax abatement. You can look on the City website here and get the details.

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