Saturday, May 19, 2007

Symbol of Flight From Vietnam Arrives in Cleveland

This is the kind of reporting I crave, and rarely see in the Plain Dealer. So kudos to reporter Robert L. Smith for this article. The Freedom Boat (this link is to a well written blog by Donny Tran that talks about the Freedom Boat and other issues, check it out) is making it's way across the Country, sponsored by a Vietnamese group out of California. It will still be behind Minh Anh restaurant at 5506 Detroit tomorrow. It is stirring up emotion for all who see it, especially those who escaped Vietnam in the same manner. Over the years I have heard many stories that leave me in awe; the resolve it must have taken to actually attempt to flee in ways that are unthinkable. I know a Vietnamese American who escaped with his uncle and infant cousin by crossing a bacterial laden waterway that sent them back at least once because of illness. There are thousands of stories. The Freedom Boat will be there through tomorrow. Thank you, Robert Smith - keep it coming.

Friendship Foundation of The American Vietnamese

Peace Out - 3C

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