Friday, May 18, 2007

CSU Levin College Study Says NE Ohio has a Glut of Retail

Supply exceeds demand by over 22 million a square foot! That is a lot of extra retail. This does not surprise me. This was reported in today's PD and can be read here. This was a grad school student study. Now, I majored in history, and one reason I always felt studying history was so important was so that the same mistakes don't have to be repeated (isn't that the definition of insanity?) Apparently it did not work in this case because similar findings came out of a study done seven years ago...and of course the amount of surplus is even higher now. I loved one of the readers comments on this blog/PD article. He said 'not only is there too much, there is too much of the same thing.....if you want Applebee's, you have ten Applebees. '

Green City Blue Lake does a great job of summarizing the new CSU retail report.

I could not agree more. This also seems to validate the City of Cleveland Planning Commission's plans for streets like Lorain Avenue. The 'Connecting Cleveland' Master Plan calls for designated retail areas along Lorain, instead of having the entire length of Lorain Avenue charged with supporting nothing but retail. Mixed use development (housing, office, retail) will be the zoning to encourage smarter use of the land.

Is it possible someone will wake up and listen this time? Peace Out - 3C

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