Saturday, March 17, 2007

Walmart Withdraws Banking Idea....Do We Have a Double Standard or Not?

I've written a few posts on Walmart and Steelyard Commons. One of the posts led to comments on Walmart's efforts to get further into the banking business. (you will have to read the comments to get this banking thread)

I'm not a huge Walmart fan, I think it's great that they are not taking the tax abatement for their Steelyard Commons location; I think it's great they are doing some community (commercial) programs in several states (including Ohio) that will supposedly help small businesses near Walmart. But getting into banking - other than providing ATM services or check cashing as other retailers do, seemed like the fox guarding the chicken coop to me. I do have a slight twist on this thought though. Apparently Target already has similar banking services to the type of service Walmart sought.

Pat Combs, President of the National Assn of Realtors® had an official comment on Walmart's withdrawal of it's efforts to increase it's banking services. She talks about how mixing finance and commerce is a bad idea for our country. I can't help but feel that even though Target and Lowe's may be 'better neighbors' (and I agree), it's still a double standard no?! I suspect Walmart would have had a strong case if they had continued in this effort, or, that Target and others with the increased banking items, might have lost theirs?

Someone may be able to help me understand why there is a difference here. Peace Out - 3C

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