Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Euclid Corridor Project Discussed at Cleveland's City Hall Today

The Euclid Corridor Project was analyzed today at City Hall; progress was discussed. Did you know that the Silver Line Transportation Plan of RTA is expected to entice 56,000 new jobs to Cleveland - there will be 36 stops, sidewalks, trees; you can check out the Silver Line Plans. What do you think? Construction begins between E 55th and E. 83rd street this Thursday. This is the Cleve. State Univ. report on the project and the fact that the Corridor is one of the Oral History Art Project sites to be developed. These are all of the sites for 'audio' oral histories: Public Square; E. 9th; Playhouse Square; E. 19th; E. 40th; E. 59th; between E. 60th and E. 90th (TBD); E. 93rd; Adelbert Road – University Circle; Ford-Euclid – University Circle.

This has been in the works for a while. Here is a press release issued by Senator Voinovich in 2003.

Here are some maps/renderings of the Project from the Silver Line (RTA) site.

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