Sunday, July 8, 2007

The First Monthly Technology Free Day is August 4th Are You Game?

Blogger Dima has an intriguing idea; have a technology free day once a month. His post here talks about using one day a month to be reflective on our lives and do things that are 'outside the box' of the activities we all do daily on those other days.

I like this idea, relating it to being well rounded and having time to be reflective; and in my case, if I don't take time off from doing all the things I normally do, it's hard for me to keep fresh ideas coming creatively for my life and for my work.

I'm pretty sure I could not permanently eliminate one Saturday a month from technology since those are usually really busy work days for Realtors® like myself. But I like the idea and I'm game, I' m in for the Fourth of August kick off. Wonder if this idea includes TV and radio? I'll have to ask. Or, you can go in and comment and find out for yourself. What say you about this idea?

Peace Out - 3C

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Dennis said...

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