Saturday, July 21, 2007

Transportation: Maine to Boston's 'Downeaster' Hits Paydirt

This is why The Ohio Hub and the 3C Corridor is the best idea since sliced bread. Watch this video and see what the Downeaster Railroad Line has done for people in the Maine to Boston corridor. No really, please watch it!

I also have a link here to the May 2007 financial report regarding the Downeaster. Ridership is up, they had over 28k riders in May of this year. They are getting ready to add a new daily round trip to their service schedule.

One of the guys interviewed in the above video talks about housing. He said it used to be if you were putting up a 1,000 sq ft. dwelling, the mantra was 'you need a two car garage.' Now that is not necessary!

We need this kind of economic boost in Ohio and Cleveland, don't you think? Peace Out-3C

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