Friday, July 27, 2007

Cleveland Real Estate News: New Town Home/Condo Projects

New Cleveland Condominium Projects: Where are the price points going to be? Only some of them are below $300k. And you guys know my mantra, we need lower price points.

Anyway, the PD's Henry Gomez wrote an article and there is a great pdf file of proposed projects - every now and then the PD gets it right, this is a useful reference for anyone who might want to purchase a condo. Some of the projects sound really good, like the condos on Columbus Avenue -- after all, they are near RTA so perfect location. I do not know anything about the price points yet and this article did not have that information either. They may still be deciding. I might have to call and lobby for good prices!

Gomez talks about the 15 year tax abatement keeping the $300k and up price points going strong. What do you think? Wouldn't a 15 year tax abatement on a town house that was $200k be even more attractive? How about $179k like the ones at Tremont's Starkweather Place? Stay tuned for more information on that one soon. Great exterior design, really true to the character of Tremont.

Peace Out - 3C

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