Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Strip Clubs and Higher Sales Taxes All In the News

Condo owners in Stonebridge, according to WKYC news tonight, came out against a proposed series of strip clubs on the east bank of the Flats. Mayor Jackson said he knew it was controversial but it was a good spot for it. The City would create a new District for it. I can't find a web link for this story but I'm sure by morning I will and will add it. (okay I found it here on

Councilman Zak Reed and the Republican party are saying they will start a petition drive to allow us to vote on the issue of a raised sales tax instead of it being handled the way Commissioner Hagan and Mr. Dimora wanted it done....well you know, like the proverbial railroad train running through our lives. Tom Beres and WKYC reported the story tonight. Hats off to Councilman Reed and the Cuyahoga County Republican Party for stepping in before it was too late. I'll give more details when they announce the specifics about the petition drive. For sure, whether you would support a sales tax increase for a Convention Center and Medical Mart or not, you should have the right to vote on it! It's your money! So take that Hagan and Dimora.

Peace Out - 3C

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