Saturday, June 30, 2007

Investing In Cleveland or as This Guy Puts it: In Your Own BackYard

I'm not an investment broker and I don't even play one on television. I'm in real estate! But this site, The Motley Fool, caught my eye. This post focuses on investing in NE Ohio and it is a good read! It talks about neighborhoods (Kamms, for example), and recommends Eaton Corp for it's leanness and long term stable growth potential. They cover a good cross section of info. My hats off to them for readability. Here is a quote from it (relating to investing in one of our signature areas, heavy metal)

"Metalworking mills may not be sexy, but they do get a lot of investor respect -- and with the massive and booming infrastructure markets in China and India, there's no shortage of buyers for their products. Cleveland is riding a wave of global growth right now, and it seems to be making the most of it. So I just have to break into song for a moment:
All the little chicks with the crimson lips go "Cleveland rocks! Cleveland rocks!"'

Who says reading about investing can't be fun? Check it out. And he/they are looking for input so comment away! Peace Out - 3C

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