Thursday, May 24, 2007

Voices and Choices Newsletter

Voices and Choices is truly a unique organization - fluid, in that it is all about us being able to have an impact and well, a voice! They have a newsletter now and I just received my copy in my email this morning.

Manufacturing jobs going unfilled.....I talked about it here. Apparently it is going to be the subject of an Associated Press story with a highlight on Northeast Ohio. Some excerpts are in the newsletter which you can read here. One thing I loved was hearing that an effort is being made to take the newly displaced Ford workers and train them to fill some of these jobs. The catch has been....skill level. While it's true that many manufacturing companies have disappeared, the ones that are unfilled require certain skills. I say get one of Cleveland's junior high (OK, middle school) and high schools more actively involved....a course load that is started in seventh grade that would enable more students 'at the end of the day' to choose a career in manufacturing. The WIRE NET Max Hayes program is fabulous, but we are only talking 25 students at a time. Anyway, that is my thought. What do you think?

Dream It Do It! is a local campaign to solve this problem. They are the ones who are looking to train and place the Ford workers.

If you want your own newsletter, and I hope you do, so you can add your voice to what happens here in Northeast Ohio, go to the Advance Northeast Ohio website. Peace Out - 3C


Kaye Thomas said...
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Kaye Thomas said...

It's not just in your area.. we really need to figure out how to get our young kids involved in the education process.. I really see it here in CA.. too many smart kids go by the wayside because they don't understand they will not always be 17 checking My Space

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

Hi Kaye; I think the more we can get the students to feel empowered, the better life will be for them, you are absolutely correct. And adults, who are supposed to be guiding them, need to feel empowered to get the job done! Voices and Choices is a great vehicle for young adults and the rest of us (lol) as well.