Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Protest High Gaseoline Costs with a "Gas Out" Day on May 15th

I received an email asking me to support a 'Do Not Pump Gas on May 15th' protest. It's hard to think of any reason why this would be a bad idea! I wanted to check it out and see how widespread the 'gas out' might be. I found this post by Todd and Tyler who say they are cheap :-) I think in this regard it's admirable.

Then I found this link to an on line paper in Kentucky. And then this posting on a local Seattle site. There have been other organized protests like this. In the past, gas prices have dropped either before or after the gas out day. So I am advertising it here -- and asking you to tell all your friends and ask them to tell all their friends.
The difference this time is it's organized as an event for all Internet users. They say 73 million plus users; I can't verify the accuracy of how many users there are, but I know the numbers are high. It's a good cause! Peace Out - 3C

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