Saturday, May 26, 2007

New On Line Data Base Available to Track Graduation Rates Per School Across the Nation

When I was a student teacher, established teachers were grumbling that schools tended to under report their graduation rates. Teachers are still grumbling about the same thing. Now there is a National Data Base, unveiled by Laura Bush, Education Secretary Spelling and other Educators. You can read today's story in the Washington Post here.

The on line data base is hosted at Education Week's website. We all know people are constantly trying to put a spin on education results whether they are test results, graduation rates or charter school vs. public school success. According to the Post article, 70 percent of the students across the country are graduating, and that is a lot lower figure than previously reported. Secretary Spelling referred to it as America's Silent Epidemic. I will be interested in learning more about how this new tracking system is set up. But for the time being, check out the site above for any details on a school you would like to track.

Peace Out - 3C


Linda Davis said...

Good find Carole! I searched and the data from Connecticut is from 2002-2003. Hopefully the site will update the data as it could be an excellent resource.

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

Hi Linda! They are hoping to update it so it's current - I hope everyone notices the criteria for the data included on the site; you can see it after you click on the 'data base' part.