Saturday, April 7, 2007

Will There Be a New Convention Center in Cleveland? Who Should Decide: Clevelanders or Sam Miller?

I wrote a post on my excitement at finding terrific interactive information on the three final proposals for a new Convention Center in Cleveland. It was (and still is) on the City Planning Commission website. That was at the beginning of March. (rendering of one proposed plan from City Planning Commission Site) (I have a rendering of one of the other proposals on the first post)

Since then, Sam Miller of Forest City Enterprises has come out with a strong challenge to the City and us, the residents, to take charge of the City and get things done and stop thinking badly about ourselves as Clevelanders. I can get with that. What are his motives? I almost don't care, because he is right. However, I said 'almost.' lol. I've had a week to mull over his interview regarding this challenge to all of us, conducted by Tom Beres of WKYC. You can go to Brewed Fresh Daily to see a longer interview with Miller conducted by Cool Cleveland.

So what is this post about that has taken two paragraphs to get to the point? I respect Sam Miller, but I don't personally think his plan for the Convention Center is the best. Secondly, no matter what plan is chosen, I think resident and business input from a 'majority' is the best way to decide this. Apparently the Planning Commission truly wants your input. I am imploring all of you to go to the section of their website on The Convention Center. To me, as long as the decision is made by more than one person (i.e. Sam Miller or any other developer who has a vested interest,) I am satisfied. Please check it out! After you have reviewed the plans, you can email the Planning Commmision right from that site and I promise you they get your comments and you will get a response back.

Sam Miller said one thing right: we all need to take charge of our City and do our part to put Cleveland on the right path. Peace Out - 3C
April 9th Update: Received a nice email from Robert Brown, Director of our City of Cleveland Planning Department. He said that while the Department's website receives visitors who comment every day, it has been a while since people have commented on the Convention Center ideas. Do you want one? Let them know, yes or no. Do you like one plan better than another? Let them know! Having a 'voice heard' has gotten so much easier with the internet!

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