Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April is Cuyahoga County Sponsored Toxic Waste Month

Ok, yesterday it was Spring cleaning in Cleveland; now it's County wide. Do you have old cell phones you want to dispose of? Old hard drives? Computers? I have an iMAC I need to get rid of and local schools have refused it.

Cell phones, computers, hard drives etc., all have toxic materials in them like lead for example. So this month Cuyahoga County will take your cells and pagers and hard drives .

For the rest of this month you can contact the RET3 Job Corp office on East 40th Street in Cleveland. They are the drop off point for these items.

They will erase your hard drives for you (at least that is what they say lol).

Call 216-361-9991 for details. Peace Out - 3C

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