Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Shovel or Sweep That Pesky Snow if Your Home is For Sale

If you have your home on the market, your Realtor® has probably told you that a clean house is crucial to 'looking good' to a potential buyer. I have a past blogpost on Hints to having your home ready for buyers.

Now that we have some snow on the ground, don't you want to keep that snow outside instead of on your beautiful floors or carpets? Keep your sidewalks and the walkway to your door (or your driveway for that matter) free of snow. Yes we can ask people to park their shoes at the door. But what if they don't listen?
Sweeping the porch and stairs can make a big difference. First it enhances the curb appeal of your home on dreary winter days. Imagine the look of horror on your own face when you hear that someone fell on the snowy stairs on your porch and broke an arm. It keeps all the civil law suits in Judge Judy's courtroom (is her show still on?) on television, and not on the docket of your real life!

I previewed homes today for clients and it amazed me that not one of them had swept away the snow. That's why I am making this plea to you. If you cannot sweep the snow yourself, your Realtor® can advise you of a list of people to call. And let's hope that pesky groundhog Phil was correct and winter is almost over!
OK. I'm on my way to sweep off the porch for my mailman now :-) Peace Out - 3C

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