Friday, February 23, 2007

Judge Rules Against Cleveland's Residency Laws

Crain's Cleveland website edition has an article written by Jay Miller regarding a Common Pleas Court decision today that supports Ohio Legislation blocking Cleveland's right to require people reside where they work. Another article from

The Judge brings up the point that the City of Cleveland can still offer strong incentives for people to live in Cleveland and work in Cleveland. The City of Cleveland vows to continue the fight.

Personally, I think Cleveland already offers a lot of what I need to live here: walkable neighborhoods, affordable taxes, schools with a broad spectrum of classes and great teachers, and a beautiful housing stock with character, built in the days when pride in construction was the norm.
Peace Out - 3C


Cosmo said...
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Cosmo said...

I think this issue connects to courage at the political level and bureaucratic mindset. Employee performance is not related to where city employees live but lack of performance might be related to enforcing tough residency ordinances. There is a tendency to blame on city employees, particularly at lower levels, without looking at higher levels and systematic issues. My two cents.

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

That is a very thoughtful analysis. We don't need scapegoats do we.