Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Enjoying the Valentine's Day 2007 Snowfall in Cleveland

Some of us had snow days today. It was like being a school kid again with the day off! I HAD to post these photos, sent off to me by my listing partner, Belinda Bonoan. She and her two sons made the most of the day off by playing in the snow. Somehow snow doesn't seem so bad when you get one large snowfall a season (do I sound overly optimistic? The many ground hogs told us that winter will be short.) Even Dick Goddard our long time weatherman, predicted a change in the jet stream that will warm things up beginning on February 20th (!!!)

Belinda and her sons found a way to enjoy themselves. I smile at the photo of Belinda and Tyler in their igloo. Looks like fun, no?

Then we have the value of recycling, while featuring son Ian snowboarding. Our Company is now Howard Hanna Smythe Cramer because Smythe Cramer and Howard Hanna merged a few years ago. What to do with old yard signs? Apparently they work well for snowboarding :-)
Listen to some Smokey Robinson to celebrate the Day.
Peace Out - 3C

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