Monday, January 29, 2007

Good 'Read' About Tremont

When I lived in Rockville Maryland I volunteered to put together a newsletter for my neighborhood. We were big on civic associations in Rockville, and they were not like homeowners associations. Most neighborhoods in my city had a civic group. We were called the Twinbrook Citizens Association(TCA), with about 1500 homes, a yearly party, lots of attendance at planning commission and council meetings, and monthly meetings. Here in Cleveland, if you are paying a monthly homeowners or condo fee, you have regularly scheduled meetings. But Tremont comes the closest to my experience in Maryland. They have block clubs, very active ones. I just read the best neighborhood newsletter I have read in years. which is what prompted me to write this blog. My shout out goes to the Tremont West Development Corporation(TWDC) for this 12 page newsletter, pointing out new businesses, restaurants, events, a yearly round up, updates on the Christmas Story House, reminders of Block Club and TWDC meetings. Tremont is a great model for neighborhoods around the City. The newsletter shows why it's such a coveted place to live. If you read the newsletter you might just feel the energy coming through the pages like I did. Peace Out - 3C


Linda Davis said...

I remember the old days of putting out a neighborhood newsletter. There was no easy way without computer software help, or even computers for that matter! I'd be embarassed to look at some of the old newsletters I published. The TWDC did a great job!

Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

Linda I remember doing the newsletters on my Apple 2E. It seemed like the most innovative thing I would ever encounter. We have come a long way from that!